Blueberry Soup PTY LTD

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6 Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne NSW 2627

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The Soup is made with 99% real blueberry's in a hot 'soup' (there are secret ingredients and processes).

The Vitamin and anti-oxidants help peoples health. Pilots eat blueberry's to maintain their eyesight. And astronauts do also! Children love blueberry's and helps their immune systems, especially through the winter flu's and sniffles. Souper men, Souper mums, Souper kids, Souper People - stay healthy with Blueberry Soupô- The Winter Soupô and Blueberry Summerô

The skin of the blueberry contains a substance which has been identified as 'helpful' towards some non aggressive cancers and other ailments.
Blubar Blueberry Soup started in Jindabyne, New South Wales, a small town in the Snowy Mountains area in 2006.The Original logo is still the product designator and differentiator and company strategic focus today.

Blueberry Soup PTY LTD is the market leader in Australia with expansion planned in New Zealand for Blueberry Soupô The Winter Soupô as its key product.

Blueberry Soup PTY LTD is researching biofortified and 3D Additive 'Printed Foods' for commercial applications inclusive of Urban Farming and the Aerospace and Space Industries. R&D consists of second tier support to the 'Ginnifer Blueberry' - a non GMO Blueberry the size of a small plum scheduled for research(jindabyne)and production in Tasmania.

This Commercial, healthy and ethical product supports the aim of peace on earths and space's frontiers. And it tastes great!



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